Dancing in the Snow

Dazzle your guests with jaw dropping special event effects, while setting your celebration apart from the rest. For all of the original, trend setting engaged couples out there, what better way to stun your family and friends then to have it snow at your wedding! No matter the season, summer, fall, winter, or spring, we can always make it snow. This special enhancement has the incredible ability to produce snowflakes and completely change the mood and atmosphere of your celebration. 

Dancing on Clouds

Is a ‘Dramatic Effect” that adds Style and Romance to your First Dance Together as Husband & Wife. While their are several approaches to customizing your first dance such as a Choreographed Waltz (Dancing With The Stars) or a Mashup of abbreviated songs, our Dancing on Clouds effect always captivates guests. In almost all cases your guests are caught off guard and completely surprised when they experience this effect, especially if it is kept as a surprise. It is a specialized effect that requires specific equipment & experience and if done correctly will create that “Wow” Factor! 

Dancing under the Stars

Is an amazing effect that transform an indoor room into an outdoor park. You will feel like you are literally outside with this moving stars and clouds projected on the ceiling of your venue. 

Monogram Letters

In the background during your first dance. These letters range from 3 feet to 12 feet high and can be placed in a variety of places at your venue, including in water.  We have the entire alphabet we can create the perfect phrase for your special day. 

Pin Spots

On the centerpieces of your tables creates the perfect lighting balance in the room.  We can also light up your cake or any specific area you choose. 

Lighted Monogram

A gobo monogram definitely provides a “wow” factor at your wedding or event. Imagine guests entering your ballroom to see your initials displayed in bright light on the dance floor.  We can also show your Corporate Logo on the wall. 

Some effects we can add for your special day!