Why Add an Uplighting Package?

No other lighting treatment reflects the personality of a client more than uplighting, which offers a range of special effects from simple highlighting to a full room immersion. Our careful attention to detail will help you create a one-of-a-kind look for your special event. We use modern LED style fixtures, which are smaller, more discrete, more efficient and offer a wider range of colors than older models. They operate virtually “cold” so you do not have to worry about curious kids burning themselves. They use only 13 watts per fixture, versus up to 300 for a large PAR can fixture. Your DJ will plan your color scheme and special lighting changes with you in advance so you can anticipate what your venue will look like on your big day. 

How Many Uplights Should I Get?

Our minimum package comes with 8 fixtures, but additional fixtures are always available and easily added to the package for a small fee. To arrive at a very rough estimate of how many lights you might need, divide your number of attending guests by 8. This formula is a good minimum number of fixtures to start with, but by no means is it the definitive number of uplights for every venue or situation. 

  • 8 Lights – Offers full coverage for a small room and decent coverage for a medium room
  • 12 Lights – Offers full coverage for a small room (<150) and better coverage for a medium room (150-250)
  • 16 Lights – Offers maximum coverage for a medium room and decent coverage for a large room
  • 20+ Lights – Offers full coverage for a large room (300) or lights in different areas (foyers, outside areas, etc.)

Dance Lighting

Dance floor lighting will help “set the mood” once the party moves to the dance floor. Our dance floor lighting systems are a modern, LED dance floor wash that creates a sophisticated yet fun atmosphere and experience. They are not the old-school, discoey, flashy stuff nor strobe light effects. Many times, it will even help with keeping guests out on the dance floor as it enhances the overall experience. 

They can be set to move with the music, or set to fade through a specific sequence. Because the dance floor lights are controlled, they can be color mixed, or washed with “full color” to virtually any color imaginable. During weddings, they can be set to full White Wash to help illuminate the dance floor during specific events such as the Bouquet Toss or Garter Removal.