Wedding Receptions

Cocktail Hour - We’ll play a soothing mix of cocktail music of your choice. Modern, Jazzy, Classical, Whatever you wish! Is your cocktail hour outside or in a different room? No worries! We've got a second sound system for such situations.  

Bridal Party Introductions – Formally and professionally introducing you and your bridal party into the wedding reception - It's each of your 30 seconds of fame. We will pick the ideal bridal party introduction song to fit perfectly with the mood and setting. 

Toasts & Announcements – Time to settle the guests and center their attention! The wireless microphone is always available for anyone to speak! 

Dinner Hour –  Again, we'll play a customized and personalized mix of reception music of your choice. 

Transition Time – This is the time when you hear the guests get a little less quiet. We start to play "Transition Music" . . that stuff that will start to make people tap their feet and dance in their chairs.  

First Dances - Bride and Groom Dance - This is your special moment on the dance floor followed by Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance and sometimes a Bridal Party Dance. Occasionally we will plan to do your Bride and Groom First Dance before the dinner, just after bridal party introductions.

Open Dancing -   We usually start off with general music for all ages and slowly work towards the "younger" crowd at the end of the night. Don't forget about the slow sets, too. Additionally, we'll never play the "unknown,” underground music or songs that just wouldn’t fit your reception. Your music will be customized to fit you and your guests!

Cake Cutting, Bouquet/Garter Toss - We strategically fit traditional wedding activities into the evening's time line – plus good times for your guests to catch their breath, a bouquet or a drink at the bar!

Other Activities -  We will assist and/or coordinate other activities, such as the Money Dance, Honeymoon Dance, Anniversary Dance, Gift Giveaways, Centerpiece Giveaways, and Games. For each, we will customize the right music that is appropriate for each activity.  

Don't worry, though, the above is simply a general outline of some of the many traditional activities. During our detailed planning meeting(s), we will cater and customize your entire night to be 100% to your liking! We provide the utmost service and professionalism in the following areas:

Planning & Coordination of your Reception - Highlights, timelines, music selection assistance. It's personalized and customized to fit your needs.

MC your Event -   Make announcements, guide people and guests, coordinate with other vendors. Don't worry though, we won't be making cheesy jokes on the microphone, singing silly songs, and surely, won't be showing up in a chicken suit. We are professional, clear sounding, and informative on the mic, nothing more, nothing less. Music selections are always well known, popular picks from all eras, genres and styles - customized, of course, to your liking.   

Main Sound System -  All equipment is state-of-the-art, high-end, professional gear.           

You will also receive Awesome DJ Service - ensuring that your guests will be dancing and having a great time at your wedding in Hershey or your wedding in Harrisburg. Your event will be 100% perfectly planned and ready to go. One of our major themes is No Worries!

  • Don't worry! We'll make sure the photographer is ready for the cake cutting.
  • Don't worry! We'll make sure the caterer has poured champagne before the toast.
  • Don't worry! We'll ensure your guests will know what's going on and coming up next.
  • Don't worry! Your guests will have a great time!