Wedding Ceremony Service

We can provide comprehensive wedding ceremony services for your wedding. Usually tied together with the Wedding Reception Services, we have comprehensive packages that include:


  • Separate Pro Audio P.A. Sound System (in addition to the main sound system)
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Additional Microphone - for singers or readers
  • Wedding Ceremony Music (if needed)

"But, I don't need speakers and microphones!" 

We hear this often early on. We also hear, more often afterwards, complaining guests coming in from the ceremony that they just "watched" but couldn't hear. Why? Our voices just don't carry - especially under the sweet emotion of your wedding a warm breeze blowing through! 

If your wedding is going to be larger than 50 people, outside, or in a noisy area, it is highly recommended to include sound reinforcement (amplification) for your ceremony service. Even if you have musicians, it still may be required. This basically includes all of the above, minus the customized ceremony music.